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2 x 300g. 

Cleans, polishes & protects - Exceptional cleaning results - Cuts through grime with ease - 100% natural This eco-friendly, powerful cleaner is perfect for use all around your home. It's made from a special type of naturally occurring clay which was discovered in 1948 and is only found in one small village in France. 100% natural, and with a subtle citrus burst fragrance, it gives truly great cleaning results, powering through even the toughest of grime. Easy to use Just wet the sponge and wipe over the paste then use a circular motion to clean almost any hard surface and watch as it powers through dirt effortlessly. Eco-friendly, skin friendly No phosphates, no detergents and no chemicals. Cleans, polishes and protects It's not just long-lasting cleaning - it polishes and protects your surfaces too - whilst you clean. So your surfaces stay cleaner for longer. It's great for use on almost all hard surfaces such as stainless steel, ovens, tiles, windows, mirrors, shower screens, pots and pans and so much more... Tip: It's a fantastic jewellery cleaner too!

Ecoegg Hard Surface Cleaner, 300g

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