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Ecoballs 150 not only save on heavy shopping loads, they are re-usable for up to 150 washes. Ecoballs 150 are a more natural alternative to conventional washing powders or liquids and are ideal for sensitive skins. Their scientifically formulated filling penetrates powerfully into fibres, lifting away dirt without fading colours or damaging delicate fabrics. Just place one or two of the Ecoballs 150 amongst your washing and switch your machine on. Our unique system allows for the use of either one or two Ecoballs depending on the amount of soiling and water hardness, assuring the best performance at all times. Ecoballs soften clothes even in hard water, so no conditioner is necessary, and as they do not contain soap, you can also cut out the rinse cycle to save energy. The Ecoballs are naturally unscented, but if you love scented laundry, you may still use the Ecozone Fabric Conditioner, which has been designed to work specially with the Ecoballs to leave clothes fabulously scented. You'll love your new Ecoballs.

Ecozone Ecoballs

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