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Swiss Chocolate. 

Foodie Fuel Organic Superfood Snacks are artfully crafted from Mother's Nature's cleanest nutrient-rich ingredients, making a delicious, guilt-free, low-calorie snackable treat. A delicious and healthy snack crisp for when you are on the go. A delectable chocolate flavor that will fill your body with a sense of deep satisfying goodness. Made with cacao nibs and organic cocoa powder. Sweet, slightly crunchy to the bit but chewy in the mouth, Fuel Snacks are packed with the raw energy you need to get from meal to meal, deadline to deadline, trail to trail or whatever adventure awaits! Foodie Fuel's "fuel source" includes low-glycemic, slow burning carbs for sustained energy, complete protein (all essential amino acids) and healthy fats deliciously crafted to make the perfect bridge food to get you through your day.

Foodie Fuel Organic Snack Swiss Chocolate, 4 OZ

  • Available for Pre-Order only

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