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Sweet Potato & Rosemary. 

Happy Family Happy Tot Organic Love My Veggies Chickpea Straws Sweet Potato & Rosemary wholesome, crunchy Chickpea Straws make it easy for your active tot to eat (and enjoy!) real organic vegetables and legumes. Savory, crunchy and totally delicious, Happy Family sweet potato and rosemary Chickpea Straws satisfy toddlers and parents alike! Made to help the energetic tot (and sometimes picky eater) consume his or her daily vegetables, this baked snack contains nourishing ingredients, including organic garbanzo beans, real organic sweet potatoes, and a hint of yummy rosemary. These delicious bites may have your tot cheering, “Love my veggies!” in no time. Each single-serve snack pack contains over 75% vegetables for effortlessly nutritious snacking, perfect for lunchboxes and between-meals munching. Over 75% veggies in each bag. NO Sugar or Added Sugar! Kosher. Gluten Free. USDA Organic

Happy Tot Organic Sweet Potato & Rosemary Chickpea Straws, 1.25 OZ

  • Available for Pre-Order only

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