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Shirataki Spaghetti. 

Shirataki Noodles are made from fiber of the Konnyaku Imo plant. These noodles made form 97% water and 3% fiber are naturally low in calories. This natural fiber makes you feel full while still enjoying the satisfaction of eating spaghettti. Miracle Noodle use as a pasta substitute in any dish dramatically reducing calories. Finally, you can have your pasta and eat it too! They are the ultimate guilt free noodle. Now you know why we call them Miracle Noodle!

Directions: Drain the water our of the package. Rinse the noodles in cool water for 10-15 seconds (the konjac plant aroma is normal and will go away full in the next step). Put in boiling water for 2 minutes, then dry the noodles by placing in a non oiled pan on medium heat until dry.

Miracle Noodle Organic Shirataki Spaghetti, 7 OZ

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