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Stain Eraser, Laundry, Pre-Treat. 

Pure enzymes from plants are truly a better way to clean and eliminate odors. Enzymes are nature's most powerful cleaner because they rapidly biodegrade natural materials, like grease, foods and oils, into their basic elements. Safe for you, safe for our planet - and completely, honestly clean. Safely removes most stains from all machine washable, natural and synthetic fabrics. Particularly effective on stubborn grass, food, grease, makeup, soy inks, and oil stains without using bleach or peroxides. Laundry Pre-Treat gives you impressive results - without creating safety issues for those you love.

Use: Shake, spray spot both sides, soak, scrub lightly, place in regular laundry. Repeat if necessary.

Naturally It's Clean Laundry Pre-Treat Stain Eraser Spray, 24 OZ

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