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Pea, Spinach & Apple. 

Peter Rabbit Organics Pea, Spinach and Apple 100% Vegetable and Fruit Puree contains no added salt or sugar, and nothing artificial. This delicious meal for growing babies. They don't add salt or sugar, preservatives or anything artificial. The squeezy pouch makes your life easier for feeding your child at mealtimes or when out and about: there's no need for a spoon, no risk of breaking glass or spilling food, and you can reseal it for finishing later. At Peter Rabbit Organics their aim is simple: to provide parents with healthy, organic children's food.

Peter Rabbit Organics mashed together peas, spinach and apples to give your little ones a full serving of delicious, natural vegetables and fruit. They tried and tested lots of different veggie combinations until they found three perfect blends made from 100% organic ingredients. Suitable from six months upwards, all of their veggie pouches are free from added salt and sugar. They add spinach into this pouch because it's full of nutrients and helps build strong bones.

Peter Rabbit Organics has squeezed healthy vegetables into their pouches to create three delicious blends for your babies and toddlers. They know how important it is that your little ones eat their greens and Peter Rabbit Organics' squishy pouch is the perfect way for you to introduce even more flavors and nutrients into their young growing bodies.

Peter Rabbit Organics Pea Spinach & Apple Snack, 4.4 OZ

  • Available for Pre-Order only

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