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Chocolate Almond Brownie. 

These thinkThin Chocolate Almond Brownie Protein and Fiber Bars have just 150 calories per serving, so they fit right in to your healthy eating plan. They are gluten free and made with 100 percent non-GMO ingredients. This variety of thinkThin Bars is rich and chewy with chunky almonds to appeal to even picky chocolate lovers. You get all the pleasure with none of the guilt from this kosher product with 10g of protein and 5g of fiber in every treat. They are low in sugar so they are a handy way to ward off hunger while you satisfy your craving for something sweet. Add them to your lunch box or keep them in your desk at work for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Think Thin Lean Protein & Fiber Bar Chocolate Almond Brownie, 1.41 OZ

  • Available for Pre-Order only

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