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Euro Cloth. 

Twist Plant Based Euro Sponge Cloths White are natural, reusable cellulose sponges. Plant-based and dye free, these reusable cloths will outlast 17 rolls of paper towels. Paper towels have a lifespan of approximately one use. Yep, they're one and done. Then it's in the trash, on the curb and off to a landfill somewhere. Wouldn't it be better if a paper towel could be reusable and still biodegradable? Designed to work over and over instead of once? Heck, how about 1,000 times instead of once? Well it can, if you make it out of sponge. So Twist did.

Suggested Use: Rinse thoroughly before and after use. Dishwasher safe for continued use.

Twist Euro Sponge Cloths, 2.4 OZ

  • Available for Pre-Order only

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