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6 x 200ml. 

The Allergenics Hair Gentle Medicated Shampoo is made from all natural ingredients and is suitable for those with dry, itchy skin conditions, particularly eczema and psoriasis. Made with natural phytosterols, this shampoo gently but effectively cleanses the hair and scalp. A combination of Borage Oil, Aloe Vera and Allantoin add essential soothing care to the scalp and protect from external irritants. Coconut extracts infused with Vitamin E and amino acids help to strengthen the hair. This Allergenics Shampoo is free from soaps, preservatives and detergents which can further damage the scalp. This natural product is suitable for use on sensitive or irritated scalps. It has been both dermatologically and allergy tested. It has a pH level of 5.5 and is hypoallergenic. This shampoo is the product of extensive research, studies and tests in the field of skin allergies.

Allergenics Gentle Medicated Hair Shampoo, 200ml

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