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Vampire Killer. 

Our local vampire squad called saying they need support, and so do you. Looking for healthier snacks? Our cashew cheese provides an alternate and equally delicious option for our busy vampire fighters who don’t have time to carefully cultivate their diet. It’s okay to be busy, but that doesn’t mean your body needs to suffer. Let’s give you one less thing to worry about with our lemon infused kale. Let it rejuvenate your skin and body as it aids in digestion and detox. You’ll start to look younger and easily become the healthiest snacker in your office. Besides, garlic can pretty much cure anything. Save yourself a trip to the pharmacy…and your local vampire slayer. How much will your snacks do for you. I mean seriously, who else has scallions in their chips? Don’t just snack—Snack with purpose.

Brad's Raw Organic Crunchy Kale Vampire Killer, 2 OZ

  • Available for Pre-Order only

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