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Non-Abrasive, Creamy, Lemon Liquid. 

Earth Friendly All Purpose Cream Cleanser works great on kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Few products rival the plant-derived power of Creamy Cleanser! It keeps your sinks, bathtubs and toilets sparkling clean and polished. 6 Reasons to Choose Ecos: 1. It's Powerful. ECOS products are thoughtfully formulated to clean powerfully without harsh chemicals, dyes, or synthetics. 2. It's Affordable. 3. Making ECOS in theur four carbon-neutral plants enables them to keep prices low and quality high. 4. It's Family-Made. ECOS products have been manufactured with love in family owned and operated plants since 1967. 5. It's Sustainable. ECOS products are readily biodegradable, greywater & septic safe, and made using 100% renewable energy. 6. It's Kind. ECOS products are made from the goodness of plants using zero-waste guidelines and never tested on animals. 7. It's Loved. Sold in over 60 countries, ECOS products are loved around the world, from America to Australia.

Earth Friendly Ecos Creamy Cleaner, 17 OZ

  • Available for Pre-Order only

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