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Using a natural repellent like Earth Kind Stay Away Moths is a risk free way to solve your moth problem. Toxic chemicals are not necessary to control moths. You can get rid of moths without killing them, and it is safer for your family and the environment to do so. Mothballs should be avoided altogether as they are made from chemicals that are poisonous to people and animals, and they are just terribly stinky. Follow Their 3 step plan to prevent pest problems and get rid of moths: Clean up – Make sure clothing, linens and fabrics are laundered or dry cleaned before storing. Consider storing items in plastic totes or storage bags for added protection. Seal up – Make sure doors and windows are properly fitted and screens are intact to prevent moths from coming inside. Pouch up – Place Stay Away Moths pouches anywhere you want to prevent moths from entering, particularly in closets, dresser drawers, storage chests or wardrobes. Use one pouch per closet or container. Use two pouches if treating a small room. Increase the number of pouches until the desired results are achieved. Replace pouches every 30-60 days or as scent diminishes. Following these tips will enable you to prevent pest problems before they begin and get rid of moths while knowing that you are not endangering your family or the environment.

Earthkind Stay Away Moths Repellent, 2.5 OZ

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