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5 x 32 CT. 

Bio washing tablets. Tough on Stains. For brilliant results on all your white and colourfast laundry. Our fabulous tablets are ideal for the whole family and tackle a whole variety of stains. Our delicate fragrance leaves your clothes gorgeously fresh. Get nature on your side Never tested on animals, Plant-based & mineral ingredients, Naturally derived fragrance, Tackles tough stains and keeps fabrics bright, Delicately fragranced tablets, Suitable for septic tanks, UNEP award, Cruelty-Free International. Instructions for use: Ecover Biological washing tablets are recommended for whites and colourfast laundry. They are convenient and economical to use. 60°C, 40°C, 30°C. Open the film around the tablets with the tearstrip and place the tablets into the dispenser. Remember to check your garments' washing instructions. Tablets are not recommended for handwashing. Run your machine as per the manufacturer's instructions.

Ecover Laundry Bio Washing Tablets, 32 CT

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