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Maple Licious. 

The Spanish called pecans the "wrinkle nut" because of how it looks, and we thank that's just unkind. Our moms always told us it's what's on the inside that counts, and boy, pecans are packed with pure wholesome goodness! That's why we combined Maple with Chia, Flax, Dates, and yes, Pecans - we're not saying it's like cutting into grandma's pancakes, or kissing a Canadian, but it's a combo that has us thinking it's pretty darn...Maple-licious. Plus it has high-quality whey protein isolate to help promote and maintain lean muscle as well as natural ingredients, which make 1 bar a great snack or 2 bars an awesome meal replacement. 160 calories. 8g of protein. 6g of Fiber. 5g of Sugar (mainly from dates). Good Net Carbs. Low Glycemic. One for a snack, two for a meal replacement. NO FLUFF

Empact Bars Maple-Licious, 1.26 OZ

  • Available for Pre-Order only

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