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Here come baby's first whole grains! Our Clearly Crafted Meals introduce baby's developing palate to new tastes and textures. Rich with flavor, this hearty meal blends together organic purple carrots, mashed bananas, creamy avocados, and wholesome quinoa for a just-sweet-enough puree. It's served in our clear pouch, so you can see every delicious bite.Our Clearly Crafted Meals introduce babies to organic whole grains, fruits, and vegetables when their eager taste buds are curious for new flavors and textures. These hearty organic purees are served in our clear pouch, which lets you see every delicious, nutritious ingredient. Developed for babies aged 6 months+, but great for any little one exploring the world of solid foods. Convenient, portable packaging made without BPA

Happy Baby Organic Stage 2 Purple Carrots Banana Avocado Quinoa Baby Food, 4 OZ

  • Available for Pre-Order only

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