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Cafe Au Lait. 

ICONIC is made with 100% Colombian coffee and 20g of premium protein from grass-fed hormone free cows, then we add fiber, sweeten it with organic fair-trade blue agave, and vitamin b-12. Welcome to a protein drink with lean, premium ingredients and gourmet taste. Welcome to the Iconic life. Café Au Lait, pronounced Olé, means bravo in Spanish. You say it in great moments, like when a soccer player jukes past a defender for a goal. Olé! Like crossing skydiving off your bucket list. 20g of protein + Colombian coffee to make you say Olé to your day. Be Café. Be Olé. Be Iconic.

Iconic Grass Fed Protein Drink Cafe Au Lait, 11.5 OZ

  • Available for Pre-Order only

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