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8 x 1Ltr. 

We add a small amount of apple juice to smooth the natural earthy taste of beetroot juice, whilst retaining both its distinctive taste and smell. At James White we are famous for making drinks with big, bold flavours - single variety apple juices, hearty vegetable juices and lively spicy drinks like Big Tom and Cur Zingers. What we do is use the finest ingredients and keep it simple. Why mess around with something that's already perfect? We are a family company based at Ashbocking in the middle of Suffolk. Why beetroot? Since 2007 beetroot juice has been at the heart of medical and sports performance research into dietary nitrate supplementation. It has been our privilege that most of the many hundreds of beetroot juice research projects across the world use our beet it juice or beet it concentrated shots. With new findings published monthly, it is no longer only with the world's sporting elite that beetroot's popularity is growing fast. Organic, Bold by nature, Rich & hearty, Picked & pressed, Not from concentrate, The juice has been pasteurised & contains no preservatives, Suitable for vegetarians

James White Beet It Beetroot Juice, 1Ltr

  • Available for Pre-Order only

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