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Paleo Wraps, GF. 

Take your regimen on the go with these handy and all natural Paleo Coconut Wraps. Each one is made using 100 percent natural fruit and allows you to roll your meals together in a fashion similar to that of a tortilla. They are light on the stomach and very easy to digest, allowing your body to make use of the most energy it can without becoming lethargic. These gluten-free paleo wraps are also free of GMO ingredients They are vegan and contain as little as 70 calories each. There are also 2g of fiber in each serving with only 4g of carbohydrates. Because they are portable, they can be used at home or at work to make customized lunches and other paleo diet meals. This package contains seven Julian Bakery paleo wraps. They also have no added salt. Stay in shape and enjoy your dietary lifestyle anywhere with these Paleo Coconut Wraps.

Julian Bakery Organic Paleo Wraps, 7.7 OZ

  • Available for Pre-Order only

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