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Oh My Ghee Popcorn. 

The Laughing Buddha and his bowl stand for making the best possible choices when it comes to choosing what you put on your plate or in your bowl. One of these choices is organic grass fed ghee. It is a wholesome way to add nutrients and a delicious buttery flavor to your popcorn. It has been used for thousands of years by health practitioners all over the world for it's nutritional properties, some of which include: fat soluble vitamins, good fats and CLA. It is also considered to be a perfectly sattvic food, meaning it promotes positivity and spiritual growth. After you eat this awesome popcorn, you might want to investigate in what other ways you can incorporate ghee into your life. Besides organic grass fed ghee you are choosing Himalayan salt, and by buying organic popcorn you are saying NO to chemical residues and YES to a better planet. Always go for air-popped too. It is lighter, more tender and lower in fat and calories. 110 Calories. 5G Fat. 3G Sat Fat. 5G Fiber (per serving)

Lesser Evil Organic Buddha Bowl Popcorn Oh My Ghee, 5 OZ

  • Available for Pre-Order only

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