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Himalayan Salt. 

Made with Organic Cassava root, coconut, sweet potato, Himalayan sea salt and nutrient-dense coconut. The rise of the paleo movement has introduced the wonders of grain free eating. It has now been embraced by many as a cleaner way to eat. We didn't just create these puffs for people with food sensitivities, we created them for everyone. By choosing a low inflammation diet and restricting grains and highly processed foods, you may be able to give your body a digestive break. Sometimes it's not until you eliminate some foods that you realize how good you can feel. These puffs are a cleaner choice for the whole family.

Why are these puffs better? We use nutrient-dense foods like organic cassava and sweet potato. They contain vitamins, fiber and potassium and are easier to digest. We use organic coconut oil. We love coconut oil for its fatty acids and good saturated fats. It's also easy to digest. We use Himalayan pink salt. Derived from ancient sea salt deposits millions of years old, untouched by modern pollution. What's more paleo than that? It's not about counting calories, it's about feeling the difference that simple, nutritious and organic ingredients make.

Lesser Evil Organic Paleo Puffs Himalayan Pink Salt, 5 OZ

  • Available for Pre-Order only

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