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6 x 1 CT. 

The Mottlock moth box is a pheromone sticky clothes moth trap to monitor and control infestations of textile and clothes moths. Textile moths can occur on types of natural fibres, wool, silk, cashmere, clothing, carpets, materials, soft furnishings and upholstery. The larvae form of moth will feed on these natural fabrics. The Mottlock moth box sticky strips work through being impregnated with an attractant pheromone in the surface, which male moths become stuck to, enabling you to monitor the level of problem and break the breeding cycle. This pheromone mimics the scent released by the female moth to attract the male. It is specific to this type of moth and will not attract other species. If you find you are catching moths in this trap, further control methods may be required to eliminate your moth problem.The traps are odourless, natural and safe. The Mottlock moth boxes are for use in wardrobes, bedrooms and living rooms. We recommend using the Mottlock moth box continuously in order to monitor any new infestation.

Mottlock Mottenbox, 1 CT

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