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Tumeric Powder. 

Turmeric Powder has been used in ancient Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. This powder is premium quality, sourced specifically for high curcumin - its revered compound that helps balance and reduce inflammation in people's bodies. Turmeric Powder is perfect for creating Golden Milk Lattes and can be added to smoothies, soups or recipes for an invigorating boost. Pair with black pepper to enjoy the maximum benefits of absorption.

Navitas Organics Organic Turmeric Powder Benefits: Anti-Inflammation, Detox, Immunity, Brain Health, Beauty Benefits, USDA Certified & Non- GMOs, Vegan/ Vegetarian, Gluten, Soy and Tree Nut Free

Navitas Naturals 100% Organic Turmeric Powder, 8 OZ

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