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Microwave, Light Butter. 

Organic Microwave Popcorn. Light Butter with natural butter flavor. USDA Organic. Kosher. The lock on the door could take a direct hit from a cannon ball and not snap. The "Keep Out" sign is painted freehand in sinister red paint. The minute you come around the corner, the guard dog growls and the motion detector sets off some old stage lights Pop's got rigged up in the trees. Nobody, I mean nobody, gets into the popcorn shack without his permission. That is unless you know that Pop never fixed the broken pane on the back window and the dog sleeps inside on full moons.Now I know it's wrong to steal and even worse to steal from one of your parents, but I'm taking the Robin Hood approach on this one. Pinch from those who shamelessly hoard, share with our organic farmers and multiply this bounty for all. Anyway, by the time he finds out what happened, he'll be taking all the credit.Enjoy and let's keep this secret to ourselves! -Nell Newman

Newman's Own Organic Microwave Popcorn Light Butter, 2.8 OZ

  • Available for Pre-Order only

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