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NuGo Nutrition Egg White Protein Bars Blueberry gives off the aroma of blueberries as soon as you open the wrapper. Each chewy piece delivers real nuts and fruits mixed NuGo's delicious blueberries and packed with 12g of non-GMO egg white protein. This gluten free, whole food, paleo bar will keep you satisfied. It is the perfect tasty snack for any time or any place! Newly Hatched, Egg White Protein Bars! NuGo starts with the highest quality fruits and nuts, then add in their complete protein. These whole food paleo bars have 12-14g of protein and is certified gluten free and pareve. Clean. Simple. Delicious.

NuGo 3 Egg Whites Protein Bar Blueberry, 1.76 OZ

  • Available for Pre-Order only

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