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Turmeric, Cocoa Powder. 

Combining healing turmeric with a luscious blend of cocoa, vanilla, coconut, and cardamom, this Numi organic 2.12 oz. Golden Latte Turmeric Cocoa whips up into a decadent cocoa latte. The addition of black pepper ensures the turmeric's numerous health properties are activated, making it an ideal morning or afternoon tonic. Add honey to sweeten the drink or serve it on its own. Turmeric - an ancient root in the ginger family - provides the base of this beverage, offering up the overarching flavor, complemented by the sweet flavors of vanilla and coconut. It's known to be a potent ingredient in ayurvedic diets, with superfood status, making this cocoa latte great for health-conscious consumers, too.

This caffeine-free beverage is quick and easy to prepare. Also called golden milk or haldi doodh, this healthy drink is common in Southeast Asian cultures where, for centuries, people have blended fresh turmeric, milk, and spices into a delicious and healthy beverage. Simply warm 8 oz. of milk or dairy substitute, then add a heaping tsp. of Turmeric Cocoa. Stir until blended. Add the desired sweetener and serve hot, iced, or in smoothies. It's a versatile, frothy addition to cafes, coffee shops, and specialty beverage kiosks.

Numi Tea Organic Golden Latte Loose Blend Turmeric Cocoa, 2.12 OZ

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