Kale/Broccoli & Mango. 

Peter Rabbit Organics Organic Veg and Fruit Puree 100% Kale, Broccoli and Mango have combined the “Queen of Greens” aka kale with organic banana, healthy broccoli and tasty mango. Perfect as a snack on the go, their kale pouch is packed full of healthy goodness. You’ll have no trouble getting your kids to eat their broccoli with delicious mango and banana addded to the mix. Like the rest of our pouches, they never dilute their pouches with water, nor add any sugar or salt. With a combination like Kale and Broccoli, they like to call this pouch our “Superhero.”

Peter Rabbit Organics Pumpkin Carrot and Apple 100% Veg and Fruit Puree contains no added salt or sugar, and nothing artificial. This delicious meal for growing babies. They don't add salt or sugar, preservatives or anything artificial. The squeezy pouch makes your life easier for feeding your child at mealtimes or when out and about: there's no need for a spoon, no risk of breaking glass or spilling food, and you can reseal it for finishing later. At Peter Rabbit Organics their aim is simple: to provide parents with healthy, organic children's food.

Inside this pouch you'll find a generous serving of blended vegetables and fruit. Great as part of a meal whether at home or on-the-go, all Peter Rabbit Organics' veggie blends are free from any added salt or sugar. Peter Rabbit Organics blended carrots in this pouch because they contain lots of Vitamin A (which helps us all see in the dark!!) Great for you busy Moms and Dads to feed your children convenient, healthy meals.

Peter Rabbit Organics has squeezed healthy vegetables into their pouches to create three delicious blends for your babies and toddlers. They know how important it is that your little ones eat their greens and Peter Rabbit Organics' squishy pouch is the perfect way for you to introduce even more flavors and nutrients into their young growing bodies.

Peter Rabbit Organics Kale Broccoli & Mango With Banana Fruit Snack, 4.4 OZ

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