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Non Dairy Cheddar. 

Pipsnacks pipcorn mini popcorn, cheddar is a delicious mini popcorn perfect for snacking. the kernels are actually smaller, and when they pop, the shells break small pieces, which are kinder to your teeth than regular popcorn. This mini popcorn is popped in small batches by hand, using as few ingredients as possible. Pipsnacks pipcorn mini popcorn never adds preservatives. additionally, Pipsnacks pipcorn mini popcorn is wholly vegan, gluten free whole grain and an excellent source of fiber. one bag contains four oz. of product. There are about four servings in each bag and 130 calories per serving. see nutrition facts panel for allergens.

Pipcorn Delicious Mini Popcorn Cheddar, 4 OZ

  • Available for Pre-Order only

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