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Enjoy a delicious snack between meals or during movie night with Truffle Mini Popcorn from Popcorn. The mini puffs make it feel like you're eating more popcorn, so you can savor the delicious hand-seasoned flavor for longer. This gluten-free snack is seasoned with all-natural white truffle and popped in small batches with pure olive oil - a true fan favorite. Delicious mini popcorn. All natural. Whole grain. Small batch. How are we different? Glad you asked! When we pop our mini kernels, the shells break up into itty bitty pieces. Finally, popcorn that's kind to your teeth! Pip pip hooray! Pipcorn is popped in small batches by hand. We use as few ingredients as possible and never add preservatives, so no need to feel guilty.

Pipcorn Delicious Mini Popcorn Truffle, 4 OZ

  • Available for Pre-Order only

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