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Lil Teethers, Banana Pumpkin. 

Yum's the word. Little Yums are the perfect first snack for little teethers. Delight plates big and small with the unique flavor of pumpkin & banana in this easily dissolving wafer. They're baked with love in Italy... so go ahead baby, "ciao" down! No Mess. 60% more than the leading brand. Baked in Italy. 6 Individually wrapped packs / 3 wafers per pack.

Is your baby ready for little yums? Your baby may be ready for Little Yums if he or she: crawls with stomach off the floor, eats thicker, chunkier food purees, picks up small foods between thumb & first finger, uses jaw to mash food

Plum Organics Organic Little Yums Teething Wafers Pumpkin Banana, 0.5 OZ

  • Available for Pre-Order only

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