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Traditional Japanese Tea With A Savory-Sweet Flavor & Bright Green Infusion. Sencha is the traditional steamed green tea of Japan, enjoyed by tea drinkers for its lively, fresh flavor. Our Sencha is cultivated using organic and sustainable methods in the nutrient-rich volcanic soils found in the Kyushu region of southern Japan. Japanese green tea aficionados appreciate it pure character and balance of delicate sweetness, refreshing briskness and savory aroma. We are driven by a mission to connect tea drinkers to the origins of our teas. For us, that is the essence of being a direct trade importer. Rishi's tea buyers travel the world every year, collaborating with artisan tea farmers during the peak growing seasons. This allows us to source organic teas and botanicals o an epicurean caliber, infusing everything we create with a signature quality and story, In that adventurous spirit, we invite you to Taste True Tea.


Brewing Guide: 170°F

2 minutes

8 oz fresh spring or filtered water.

Rishi Organic Sencha Green Tea, 15 BAG

  • Available for Pre-Order only

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