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Roasted, Sea Salt. 

"Sea's Gift" is the best seaweed brand made of the authentic Korean seaweed by Jayone Foods, Inc. since 2000. We manufacture our seaweed with utmost care. During the manufacturing process we check for any foreign materials three to four times before the final product is made, especially for any type of metals. Also, we regularly select random samples of the product and conduct several tests to make sure our seaweed is manufactured with the best quality. Our seaweed snacks are made from a type of seaweed called "Jarae-Kim". These are harvested in the west and southwest regions of South Korea. These are the seaweed that is mostly used for roasted & seasoned seaweed. Unlike other types of seaweed, these are made with perfectly matured seaweed leaves which result in a much rich flavor. It is because of these big, mature leaves that you can find irregular holes on the seaweed snacks.

Suggestions for Use: (1) Enjoy with your favorite rice/sushi dish. (2) Enjoy it as a topping on your favorite soup. (3) Try it on anything! Even as a salad topping! Best Before: Printed on the package.

Sea's Gift Organic Seaweed Snack Sea Salt, 0.17 OZ

  • Available for Pre-Order only

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