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Fabric Softener Sheets, Free/Clear. 

Seventh Generation Natural Fabric Softener Sheets Free and Clear is a fabric softener sheet like you've never seen before. Open the box, and you'll see the difference right away. Toss the brown paper sheet into your dryer, and out emerges soft, and oh-so-cuddly clothes. If every household in the US replaced just one box of polyester fabric softener sheets with Seventh Generation paper Fabric Softener Sheets, and composted after use, 7,400 tons of solid waste could be prevented from entering landfills. That's equivalent to 780 garbage trucks! Chlorine-free, unbleached Paper Sheets. Compostable after use. Softens and reduces static. Plant-derived softening agents.

Suggested Use: Use a single fabric softener sheet with each load of laundry. Pull sheet apart at perforation to reduce the risk of blocking dryer vents. For smaller loads, try using half a sheet. Place in dryer with wet clothing. Recycle or compost used sheets.

Seventh Generation Fabric Softener Sheets Odorless Dryer Sheets, 80 CT

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