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Ultra-Thin Pads,Overnight W/Wings CF. 

Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Ultra-thin Pads with Wings Overnight are designed with sturdy wings to keep bunching to a minimum, and an absorbent core that keeps wetness away. Their pantiliners are made of a combination of absorbent materials, polyolefins, adhesives, and a silicone coated paper. The top layer is a non-woven polyolefin cover sheet. The absorbent material consists of chlorine free wood pulp.You don't have to give up absorbency to get the thin pads you prefer. Not whitened with chlorine. Safer for sensitive skin - no dyes or fragrances. Soft, cloth-like cover for comfort. Ultra-thin protection for overnight or heavy flow. Secure, no-slip adhesive with wings for best fit.

Please don't flush used pads or pantiliners; they can damage sewage and septic systems. Wrap the pad or liner and throw it away.

Seventh Generation Maxi Pads Ultra-thin Overnight Chlorine Free, 14 CT

  • Available for Pre-Order only

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