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SteviaClear, Vanilla Creme. 

SweetLeaf Sweet Drops Liquid Stevia Vanilla Creme is all natural, zero calories, no carbs, and infinitely flavorful. At only a penny per drop, you can easily dress up the taste of water, coffee, tea, yogurt, cocktails, whip cream, smoothies, ice cubes, and nearly anything else. The uses are endless. Flavors include Apricot Nectar, Cinnamon, Chocolate Raspberry, Dark Chocolate, English Toffee, Grape, Lemon Drop, Milk Chocolate, Peppermint, Root Beer Vanilla Crème, and Valencia Orange. Instantly add a hint of vanilla crème to your coffee, spice up your yogurt with a little Valencia orange, effortlessly whip up some chocolate raspberry whip cream without adding any calories, jazz up ice cubes with all-natural apricot flavoring, or add a little lemon drop to your martini. Experiment. The uses are only bound by your imagination. Add some flavor to your life.

Only SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetner has: Zero Glycemic Index. Zero Calories. Zero Carbs. Zero Chemicals. Zero Additives. Zero Solvents. Zero Sugar Alcohol. Zero Aftertaste. Is Gluten Free.

Suggested Use: As a Dietary supplement, add 5-8 drops to your favorite beverage or food. Adjust to preference. Refrigerate after opening to extend freshness.

SweetLeaf Sweet Drops Vanilla Creme Stevia Sweetener, 2 OZ

  • Available for Pre-Order only

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