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Sea Salt. 

Made with parsnips, taro, sweet potatoes, Yuca, and Batatas.

Taro: Also known as Malanga and dasheen. The white chip with the characteristic purplish-brown lines. sweet

Potato: a distinct variety of the ipomoea Batatas. A glorious late-summer orange.

Batata: Boniato or Cuban sweet potato. Light brown in color, yet darker than the Yuca. Batata has been savored in the Caribbean for centuries.

Parsnip: A member of the same family as carrots, fennel, parsley, celery, celeriac and chervil.

Yuca: Cassava. The lightest color of the terra chips, pale yellow-white. ruby

Dipped vegetables: perhaps the most dramatic, these terra chips are kissed with beet juice, resulting in their distinctive autumn red color.

Over 20 years ago, two forward thinking new York chefs created terra chips. From the first moment, people were hooked on the vibrant flavors and delectable crunch that comes from sourcing unique and diverse root vegetables from a select group of farmers. Today, the intimate process of crafting our chips remains with over 20 different varieties and flavors that are truly distinctive by nature.

Terra Vegetable Chips Original with Sea Salt, 1.5 OZ

  • Available for Pre-Order only

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