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The only disposable diaper with natural blend cotton for natural absorbency. It's fluffy cotton that makes Tushies thicker. Our unique natural blend cotton absorbent core controls baby"s wetness without chemicals like acrylic acid polymer salts found in the leading disposable diapers. Most other disposable diapers add artificial chemical absorbents such as acrylic acid polymer salts to their all wood pulp padding in order to increase absorbency. This powder, which is inside the absorbent padding of the diaper, turns into gel when it comes in contact with moisture. This gel can end up on your baby. While these artificial chemicals are known to cause harm, why use an artificial chemical absorbent when you can use a Gel-Free natural blend cotton absorbent? Tushies unique cotton blend padding is thicker, softer and incredibly absorbent, providing your baby with cotton-soft, extra-thick Gel-Free protection. A Tushies diaper is a lot thicker than an artificial chemical absorbent diaper because we filled our core with high absorbency natural blend cotton padding.

Tushies Diapers

  • Available for Pre-Order only

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