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Jasmine Petal, Green. 

Our green tea is dried with petals of jasmine flowers to absorb the flavor. Because jasmine flowers are so much more fragrant at night, we lay them over our green tea for three evenings in a row, so that the green tea will absorb the most powerful floral flavor and aroma.


1. Use 15oz filtered water per sachet.

2. Heat water to 180˚F and pour over sachet.

3. Step 3 minutes.

Brewing Tips:

This tea is a bit of a diva: be careful to not over-steep or she will get bitter. Properly brewed, she shines above the rest.

The second steep will be much more "green tea" in flavor and have a bit less of that floral jasmine scent.

Try it iced. Brew in 6 oz water, add sweetener (optional!), and pour over ice.

Make your own jasmine rice by using steeped tea in place of plain water.

Two Leaves & a Bud Jasmine Petal Green Tea, 15 BAG

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